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Russell Findley

Russell Findley

Russell Findley

Photo by Becky Anderson

Russell Findley is a Master of Landscape Architecture candidate. Born in Houston, TX, and raised in Atlanta. Previous to his arrival at the BAC, Russell completed a BA in History from Providence College.

Before entering the MLA program, Russell worked in sales for a number of large companies. He credits his years of working in sales as great preparation for design critiques. "It is nice to finally have critical, intelligent critiques of my work," Russell muses.

He is new to the design world. Russell describes his entry into the field as, "trial by fire." Russell enjoys traveling, and especially loved seeing Grand Teton National Park. For a while, Russell searched for a way to express the beauty that he saw in the world. He continues, "It hit me while working in my garden. There is so much beauty in what nature has already given us. This realization led me to Landscape Architecture. I have finally found my canvas."

Russell has worked with a number of non-profit organizations throughout his life, including Habitat for Humanity, the Food Project, Liveable Streets, and Last Hope K9 Rescue.

"On the first day of my first studio, I realized that Landscape Architecture was so much more than designing someone's yard. I was really excited that I was venturing into something new, and that excitement still thrills me in my work today."

Russell is currently a Representative on Atelier (2014-2015).