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Steve Marcelin

Steve Marcelin

Steve Marcelin

Photo by Becky Anderson

Steve Marcelin is a Bachelor of Design Studies candidate with a double concentration in Sustainable Design and Architectural Technology. He grew up in Haiti and moved to Boston at the age of fourteen. He studied architecture at Wentworth Institute of Technology for a year before transferring to the BAC.

As a child, Steve grew up around carpenters and engineers. Though he was familiar with Haitian building techniques, he found himself attracted to foreign methods of construction. "I remember asking my mother why we only use concrete in Haiti," says Steve, "Why we don't use wood like the United States." After his first year of architecture at Wentworth, he learned that architecture is contextual.

His youth in Haiti also taught him to appreciate the terrible power and wonderful benefits of nature. Ferocious storms and deadly earthquakes have claimed many lives in Haiti, which steered Steve into math, science and technology to explore a more orderly, man-made reality. Recently, however, he has realized that nature is not to blame for the deaths at home. Steve has begun to focus on design that adapts to the environment to make it better than before.

Steve says he has never encountered a school like the BAC. "All the staff knows me; my classmates are so friendly and passionate about design. Everyone matters here. Help is always offered to whoever needs it. It is really more than a school--it is the perfect design community."

Steve serves as the 2013-2015 NOMAS Vice President.