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    MDS Academic Probation

    Satisfactory Educational Progress (SEP) and Academic Probation for MDS Students

    Ongoing Satisfactory Educational Progress, and graduation requirements are met by maintaining a cumulative GPA of 2.70.

    Students who do not meet the cumulative GPA requirement will be placed on probationary status. Students on probationary status will be reviewed by the Master of Design Studies Management Team. Reviewed students will be given a Contract for Educational Progress (CEP) or be dismissed from the program. The CEP is a formal contract which outlines a reasonable course of action for the student to follow in order to achieve Satisfactory Educational Progress. Contracts for Educational Progress and the result of a student's efforts to meet the terms of the contract will be communicated to the student and placed in the student's file. A CEP may include:

    • Attainment of a higher GPA in future semesters
    • Repetition of a course
    • Completion of additional assignments
    • Taking a course for 0 credits on a pass/fail basis in order to raise a prior grade. Such a course would be paid for on a fee basis, and not be eligible for financial aid.

    Failure to meet the terms of the CEP will result in reconsideration of the student's case by the Management Team which may issue another CEP or dismiss a student from the program.

    Financial aid regulations include standards for academic progress and rate of passage through the program. Students who are on academic probation for two semesters, or who are matriculated in the program for more than 6 semesters are at risk of losing financial aid. Students placed on a CEP should contact the financial aid office to discuss the impact of CEP status on their ability to receive financial aid.