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Payment Options

Tuition and fees for the Boston Architectural College are processed through the Bursar's Office and can be paid in a variety of ways. Current student account balances can be viewed online through Self-Service.

Cash or Check:
Cash should be brought to the Bursar's Office located on the basement level of 951 Boylston Street during business hours. Please bring exact change as there is no change available.

Make all checks payable to the Boston Architectural College. They should be mailed to The BAC, Attn: Bursar's Office, 320 Newbury St, Boston, MA 02115. Please leave enough time for mailing as all checks must be received in our office by the billing due date to be considered on-time. Electroinc check payments are also accepted online through Self-Service.

Credit Card:
We accept all major credit cards; Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. Payments can be made online through Self-Service. Payments made online are processed to the student account immediately. Payment by credit card can also be made over the phone or in-person with the Bursar's Office. These payments will be reflected on the student account the following business day.

Wire Transfer:
Please contact us directly for the appropriate bank account numbers.

Financial Aid:
Financial aid funds include; Federal Direct Loans, Federal Grants, Private Alternative Loan, and Scholarships. The Financial Aid Office processes the awarding of all student aid. Once the financial aid funds are certified these funds will be applied to the student's bill as pending financial aid. The anticipated funds need to be pending on the account to be deducted from the balance due. Please allow enough time in applying for financial aid to meet clearance deadlines. After the semester begins and enrollment is verified the funds will be disbursed to the school. Visit the Financial Aid website for more information on applying for financial aid.

The Tuition Payment Plan administered by Higher One:
The Tuition Payment Plan administered by Higher One is an interest free option for students to break down their balance owed to the BAC into monthly installments. There are a variety of plans offered depending on the student type that range from 2 months, 4 months and 5 months. All plans must incorporate current balances only and must be paid in full by the end of the semester that charges relate to. There is a $35 enrollment fee associated with all plans.

Higher One will only accept electronic transfers from a checking or savings account online. They accept credit cards and electronic transfers over the phone or through their Interactive Voice Response system, but these transactions will have a 2.35% convenience fee. Higher One only accepts MasterCard, Discover and American Express. VISA is not accepted.

To enroll in a payment plan please visit Higher One's website or call them at 1.800.635.0120. Please plan ahead when enrolling in a payment plan. This process may take one to two business days and all plans need to be active and current to be considered cleared by the BAC payment due dates.

All plans must be paid on-time. Any late payments are subject to late fees by Higher One. Any plan that is delinquent two consecutive payments will be cancelled due to non-payment. Upon cancellation the BAC will not allow student enrollment in a future payment plan.

Third Party Payment:

The BAC will bill a sponsor, government organization or employer for all or part of your tuition and fees. You must submit a purchase order and/or sponsorship letter prior to the semester's clearance deadline. The purchase order should include the organizations billing information, the student it plans to sponsor, for what semester and/or specific courses and for the exact dollar amount they will pay. Payment must be submitted directly to the BAC and is due within 30 days of the invoice date. Please note that third party sponsorship cannot be contingent upon the receipt of grades.

If the sponsorship eligibility changes and payment is not made you are ultimately responsible for any outstanding balance. Please contact the Bursar's Office with any questions.