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Students may access their grades via their Self-Service accounts. Grades will display as soon as they are recorded. Inquiries regarding grades not received or grades in question should be directed to the Registrar. Under no circumstances will grades be released by anyone other than the Registrar.

Withdrawal  from a Course

Full-Semester and Half-Semester Courses: After the Add/Drop periods end, students who wish to withdraw from a course must complete and submit a Course Withdrawal form by the end of:

  1. the fifth week for first-half courses
  2. the eleventh week for full-length courses
  3. the thirteenth week for second-half courses

Students may withdraw from courses by obtaining an Advising signature for their withdrawal form, available at Advising or on the BAC website. Withdrawal from a class appears as a "W" on academic transcripts, and while a "W" does not affect grade point average, it does count toward credits attempted for the semester. Students who receive financial aid should contact the Financial Aid Office to assess the consequences of withdrawing from a course.

Important Notes: Failure to attend a course does not result in the course being dropped automatically from the student's transcript. Students should be aware that failure to officially drop or withdraw from a course in which the student does not participate will result in a grade of RF (Repeat Fail) or NF (Failure due to Non-Attendance).

Course Incompletes

Incompletes may be granted, upon presentation by the student to the instructor of acceptable evidence of extenuating circumstances that prevent completion of the course requirements within the assigned time. The instructor may grant an extension of up to seven weeks beyond the end date of the semester in which the course was taken. If the instructor fails to direct the Registrar to change the Incomplete to another letter grade by the published deadline, the Incomplete automatically converts to RF seven weeks after the conclusion of the semester in which it was earned. The student is responsible for ensuring that the Registrar has been notified by the instructor of the grade change.

Grade Change

Grades may be given or changed only by instructors, except in extraordinary cases where the appropriate Program Head may intervene. Grade changes must be completed by the end of the semester immediately following the one in which the original course was taken. After that time, a student must petition the Appeals Committee for permission to have a grade changed.

Grade Appeal

A student who disagrees with a grade must first contact the instructor to resolve the issue. If a satisfactory resolution is not achieved, the student may contact the appropriate Program Head. After reviewing the matter with the instructor, the Head will decide whether the student's work should be re-evaluated or if grade should be changed. Grades may only be challenged through the end of the semester following the one in which the disputed grade was earned.

Pass/Fail Option

A pass/fail option is available for students for "extra" courses not required for graduation (all electives required for graduation must be taken on a graded basis). Degree students are not permitted to audit courses. By the end of Add/Drop, interested students must fill out a Pass/Fail Option Application, have it signed by an advisor and the course instructor, and return it to the Registrar. No changes either to or from pass/fail grading status are allowed after the add/drop deadline. Pass/fail courses are charged on a regular tuition basis and appear on a student's transcript. Students receiving Federal Financial Aid must obtain the approval of the Financial Aid office prior to registering for a course they intend to take Pass/Fail.

Repetition of Courses

A student may repeat any course in which s/he has received a failing grade. Upon passing the course, the original grade will convert to NC and the new grade will be used in computing the student's GPA. If a student receives more than one failing grade for a course, only the most recent failing mark will be replaced. Other instances of failing marks for the course will remain on the transcript and count toward calculation of the student's GPA. Please note that a course may only be taken a third time by permission of the applicable Program Head.

Note: Grade changes will occur automatically when the same course is retaken (e.g., an RF in Structures will be replaced after the Structures course has been successfully repeated). However, if a student desires a grade replacement by a different course that is within the same discipline, s/he must initiate this change by submitting the request in writing to the Registrar.

Transfer Credit

For information about the following topics, click the link above:

  • Filing for concurrent transfer credit
  • Applying for a waiver of course requirements
  • Transferring in credits from another school