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Mentoring Program


a wise and trusted counselor or teacher
an influential senior sponsor or supporter

What is the BAC Mentoring Program?

The BAC Mentoring Program connects current degree students to advanced students, alumni, staff, academic and practice faculty, board members, and overseers. These relationships help students adjust to life at the BAC academically, personally, and in Practice.

Reasons for Mentoring and Being Mentored
Students attending the BAC encounter unique challenges as students. The mentoring relationship will be beneficial in the following ways:

  • Students have a personal resource for questions and concerns
  • Enhance students' sense of community and belonging at the BAC 
  • Students better understand the culture of the BAC
  • Create a more satisfied and engaged alumni population
  • Achieve consistent excellence in education in response to a changing professional environment and improve and sustain community internally and externally
  • Increase retention and student academic success 
  • Provide professional and personal fulfillment for mentors
  • Possibly offer student mentors Practice/IDP credit

Who Can Participate?
Mentees are any incoming and current students in a BAC degree program

Mentors are members of the alumni, staff, academic and practice faculty, board, overseers, design professionals, and advanced students (in Segment 2 and above) who are in good academic standing according to program requirements

How to Receive a Mentor
If you are a BAC student in a degree program, you may obtain an application from Christina Liu or by downloading the application from the Mentoring website. Completed forms are submitted to Christina Liu.

How to Become a Mentor
You may obtain an application from the Academic Services area or by downloading the application from the Mentoring website. Completed forms are submitted to Christina Liu.

How Participants are Matched
Prospective mentees are given access to the mentor applications from which they choose a suitable match. Either party may change the match if s/he chooses to do so by contacting Christina Liu.

Activities for Participants
It is suggested that mentors meet with mentees at least once a month and that both commit to at least a six month relationship. Some proposed activities are:

  • Mentor brings mentee to mentor's firm/job site
  • Lunch and Learns at mentor's firm
  • Discuss school work and studio projects
  • Lectures, workshops, exhibits, etc. sponsored by the BAC and the Boston design community
  • Other social activities
  • Group activities sponsored by the BAC Mentoring Program

Possible discussion topics include:

  • Life at the BAC
  • Academic Issues
  • Balancing work and school
  • Time management
  • Practice and practice advancement
  • Personal circumstances
  • Job search/interviewing
  • Issues with work/supervision
  • Training and Support

Mentors will receive training prior to meeting with their mentees. Topics covered will include:

  • Nature of the mentor/mentee relationship
  • Needs of BAC students
  • Active listening
  • Creating boundaries
  • BAC resources/Who to ask
  • Addressing difficult/emotional situations

Group trainings will be provided as often as possible, though individual trainings will occur as well. Christina Liu will be available for ongoing support and consultation, and periodic mentor meetings will be scheduled.


Christina Liu is available for assistance with any aspect of the mentoring program.

The BAC Mentoring Program is located at:
Academic Services Department
320 Newbury St. 1st floor

For more information contact:
Email: mentoring@the-bac.edu
Phone: 617.585.7352
Fax: 617.585.0181