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American Institute of Architecture Students

The BAC is one of more than 125 schools of architecture to maintain a local chapter of AIAS, an independent and non-profit student-run organization. This grassroots association is a cooperative between thousands of students committed to helping each other and sharing differing views. Membership is open to all architecture students and provides opportunities such as lectures, field trips, social and networking events, community service projects, and conferences.


AIAS Contact Information

Email: aias@the-bac.edu
Facebook: facebook.com/aiasbac
National website: aias.org

AIAS Executive Board Members

Chapter President: Donald Respress, donald.respress@the-bac.edu
VP of Student Affairs: Miljorie Averion, miljorie.averion@the-bac.edu
Events Chairperson: Adam Eckerman, adam.eckerman@the-bac.edu
Marketing Chairperson: Omar Hussein, omar.hussein@the-bac.edu