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The Green Team

The BAC Green Team

The BAC Green Team endeavors to take student initiative by promoting sustainable practices across the college, the Professional Arts Consortium, and the immediate community. Their mission is to foster interest, enhance education, and provide implementable strategies that all stakeholders can participate in toward a healthier culture of environmental, economical, and social stewardship. They pledge to consider the social, economic, and environmental impacts of our habits and explore ways in which to live, work, and study more sustainably during their time at the BAC and beyond.

The Green Team Contact Information

Email: greenteam@the-bac.edu
Facebook: facebook.com/GreenTeamattheBAC
Twitter: twitter.com/GreenTeam_BAC

The Green Team Executive Board Members

President: Alissa Marcano Santelli, alissa.marcanosantelli@the-bac.edu
Vice President: Aishwarya Salvi, aishwarya.salvi@the-bac.edu