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Independent Study

An Independent Study is an option for students who are looking to create a course not already offered by the BAC. This is a great way for students to focus their education according to their interests and needs.

Policies regarding taking an Independent Study

Independent studies may be undertaken twice during a student's career at the BAC. They are taken on a Pass/Fail basis for 1.5 or 3.0 credits. In order to be eligible, students must:

  • Have completed at least four semesters at the BAC.
  • Have an overall GPA and STGPA of 2.50 (2.70 for Segment II master's students) or greater.
  • You must fill out the Independent Study Application by the end of the Add/Drop period. Attach a 1-3 page typed description of your proposed course, including a schedule of meetings with the instructor, assignments you will submit, and a description of a final project you will submit or present. You also must include a resume of the faculty member if he or she is not a member of the BAC faculty. The instructor must sign and date the application, which is then submitted to the VP for Educational Initiatives and the Director of Student Services for approval.
  • Obtain approval from both the Program Head and Advising.

Guidelines for the Matriculated Students' use of Educational Experiences outside Accredited Academic Institutions for Credit at the BAC

There are many educational opportunities our matriculating students encounter outside the BAC. Some of these are offered by private entities and may not be offered for official credit, but these may still be of value to the student. Because the BAC is an accredited institution of higher learning, it is accountable for the assessment of all the education for which it awards credit. Therefore, students who intend to utilize such educational opportunities for BAC credit, whether waived or transferred, before beginning a relevant course of study, must find an instructor, usually a Head of School or Education Director, who is willing to serve as advisor to an independent study. The student will need to fill out an Independent Study Application and supply the Head of School with the name of the instructor, number of credits requested, a full description of the educational experiences expected, and the documentation the student will supply the instructor in order to assess the work at the end of the experience. Please note that independent studies may be taken twice during a student's course of study at the BAC only after four completed semesters, and students are expected to have achieved the required grade point average of their programs.