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Policies and Procedures

Enrollment Status

All definitions of enrollment status are based on the following:

  • Full-time Undergraduate: To be considered full-time at the BAC undergraduate students must be enrolled in 12 or more credits. This can be a combination of a minimum of 6 academic credits and the equivalent of 6 practice credits.
  • Full-time Graduate: Graduate students in the MArch, MIA and MLA programs are considered full-time when enrolled in 9 or more credits. This can be a combination of a minimum of 4.5 academic credits and the equivalent of 4.5 practice credits. Graduate students in the MDS and MSIA programs are considered full-time when enrolled in 6 or more academic credits. 
  • Half-time Undergraduate: To be considered half-time at the BAC, undergraduate students must be enrolled in a minimum of 6 academic credits per semester.
  • Half-time Graudate: Graduate students in the MArch, MIA and MLA programs are considered half-time when enrolled in a minimum of 4.5 academic credits. For students in the MDS and MSIA programs to be considered half-time they must be enrolled in 3 or more academic credits. 

Students who have fulfilled the Practice Component degree requirement are considered half-time, for purposes of financial aid eligibility, unless registered for 12.0 academic credits that meet degree requirements.



Take a look here for more information about:

  • Withdrawing from a course
  • Taking an incomplete in a course
  • Grade changes
  • Appealing a grade
  • The option to take a class Pass/Fail
  • Everything you need to know about Transfer Credit


Change of Student Information

Student's may need to change some of their information over time. Click above for more information about:

  • Changing your name listed with the college
  • Changing your address (do this every time you move!)
  • Changing you status for reasons such as a Leave of Absense, In-semester Full-withdrawal or Withdrawing from the BAC



For information regarding missing class for religious reasons, Leave of Absenses and more, check out the policies and procedures regarding Absenses.


Program Change

Students who wish to transfer to another BAC degree program are encouraged to discuss their options with their current Dean of School or Academic Advisor in order to best understand what is required to complete their current program, and to discuss with the new Dean of School what the new degree requirements would entail. Once the program change has been approved by the Dean, he or she will initiate the change with the Registrar's Office.

The MDS, MSI and Distance MArch program hav specific requirements that differ from other BAC graduate programs. A graduate student who wishes to transfer from any BAC master's program to any of these programs must discuss their transfer with the program director and provide any necessary documents for the transfter to be approved.


Student Health Insurance

Per Massachusetts state law, all students are required to have Health Insurance. Here is more information about getting health insurance through the BAC or how to waive the health insurance, if you already have health insurance that meets the state requirements.


FERPA (Family Education Rights & Privacy Act) and Student Records

The Family Education Rights & Privacy Act of 1974, commonly known as FERPA, provides that all records pertaining to a student that are maintained by the college must be open for inspection by the student and may not be made available to any other person without the written authorization of the student.

The following items are considered Directory Information and may be released without the written consent of the student: name, address, telephone number, enrollment status, dates of attendance, major, and degree conferred (including dates). The Boston Architectural College may disclose these items without prior written consent, unless notified by the student in writing to the contrary. Nondisclosure stipulations remain in effect until removed in writing by the student, even if the student has withdrawn or graduated. A request form to prevent disclosure of Directory Information is available to students from the Registrar's Office.