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Change of Status

Leave of Absence

A Leave of Absence (LOA) is a period of time in which a degree program student is not attending classes. Students must complete a Leave of Absence form available at the Office of Student Services or on theRegistrar's webpage. Students who wish to take a Leave of Absence must first meet with an academic advisor and the representative of the Practice Office, in order to assess the implications that taking a leave will have on their progress. International students must speak with the Designated School Official/ International Advisor prior to processing a Leave of Absence. After obtaining the signature of the academic advisor the form should be submitted to the Registrar by the end of the add/drop period.

Leave of Absence forms are valid for one semester only. A new form must be completed before each additional semester of leave. A maximum leave of four consecutive semesters is allowed in both the undergraduate and graduate programs. Students who would like to return after five or more consecutive semesters away from the BAC will be required to re-admit through Admissions.

While on a leave of absence students are responsible for the timely submission of their online Practice Report and Practice Registration Form at the end of each semester. Students who have accumulated more than a total of two semesters of leaves of absence at any point during their matriculated status at the BAC must obtain additional approval for any online Practice Hours submission. The approval process for these hours begins by completing a Prior Practice Learning Application and meeting with the Dean of Practice for approval of the submitted hours.

In-semester Full-withdrawal

Students who wish to withdraw from all of their courses in a semester must complete and submit a Full Withdrawal Form by the 11th week of classes. Forms are available at Student Services, Advising Services or on the BAC’s website.

For MDS students the withdrawal schedule is as follows: “Intensive” courses by the end of the last day of the “intensive week”, 15-week online courses by the end of the eleventh (11th) week of the course, 8-week online courses (first and second session) by the end of the fifth (5th) week of the course.

Refunds are administered according to the Tuition Refund Policy. The amount of the refund is contingent upon the date the student’s written notice is received by the Registrar or Advising Services. Students who have received financial aid while at the BAC must contact the Financial Aid Office regarding an exit interview concerning their rights and responsibilities as student loan borrowers. International students must speak with the Designated School Official/ International Advisor prior to processing a Full Withdrawal.

Withdrawal from the BAC

Students who wish to discontinue their active student status from the BAC must notify the Registrar in writing of their intent to withdraw at the end of a semester or between semesters. Forms are available at Student Services, Advising or on the BAC website, and they require an Advisor's signature. Students who permanently withdraw would need to be readmitted into a program if they wish to enroll again.