Offices & Staff Directory

Office of the President

Glen S. LeRoy, President,
Janna Atcheson, Executive Assistant to the President,


Office of Enrollment Management & Student Services

James Ryan, Vice President of Enrollment Management,


Meredith Spinnato, Director of Admissions,
Vanessa Bush, Assistant Director of Admissions,
Emily Codinha, Transfer Credit Coordinator,
Monica Dugo, International Student Enrollment Counselor,
Shannon O'Hearn, Admissions Coordinator,
Theresa Walker-Ray, Admissions Counselor,
Robert Brienzi, Admissions Counselor,

Advising Services

Rebecca Chabot-Wieferich, Dean of Advising Services,
Michael Daniels, Director of Foundation Student Support,
Kelsey Flynn, Academic Advisor,
Christina Liu, Senior Academic Advisor,
Karen Stephanides, Associate Director of Advising & Disability Services,
Juan Venegas, International Student Advisor,

Financial Aid

Janice Wilkos-Greenberg, Director of Financial Aid,
Sabina Yesmin, Assistant Director of Financial Aid,
Brandon Cipoletta, Financial Aid Counselor,

Marketing and Communications

Betsy Butterworth, Director of Marketing and Communications,
Alyssa King, Web Content Manager,
Stephen Middleton, Multimedia Content Producer,
Andrew Nasser, Graphic Designer,
Julie Raynor, Social Media & Web Writer,

Student Life

Richard Griswold, Associate Vice President & Dean of Students,
Winny Kwong-Sito, Coordinator of Student Life & Housing,
Mike Ryan, Coordinator of Student Life & Housing,

student Services

Bethany Fantasia, Dean of Student Services and Registrar,
Sarah Hoen, Manager of Student Services,
Betania Andoh, Student Accounts Manager,
Katherine Kwolek, Associate Registrar,
Ann Royall, Assistant Registrar,
Beverly Verla, Registration Coordinator,
Christina MacDonald, Administrative Assistant to Student Services,


Office of Finance & Administration

Mark Virello, Vice President for Finance & Administration,


Art Byers, Associate Vice President of Facilities,
Kevin Fitzpatrick, Maintenance Supervisor,
Russell Giacoppo, Maintenance Worker,
Juan Guzman, Maintenance Worker,
Tom Kenney, Maintenance Worker,
Armando Natal, Maintenance Worker,
Ellen Yee, Manager of Facilities Administration,


Patricia Farino, Controller,
Lauren Berk, Payroll Coordinator,
Logan Huber, Interim Assistant Controller,
Talia Betzalel, Junior Accountant,

Human Resources

Lorri Mayer, Director of Human Resources,
Tanya Chesson, Coordinator of Human Resources,


Patti Vaughn, Director of Administrative Operations,
David Ellis, Operations and Accounts Payable Coordinator, 


Information Technology Services

Jason O'Brien, Director of Information Technology,

Rony Aguilar, Coordinator of IT Operations,
Michael Alves, Lead Computing Assistant,
Aaron Bass, Associate Director of IT/Web Systems,
Avelino Dosreis, Lead Computing Assistant,
Michael Gorman, Database and Application Analyst,
David Hansen, Director of Fabrications & Academic Technology,
Edwin Hernandez, Manager of Education Applications & Support,
Carl Jaspersohn, Associate Director of Technical Infrastructure,
Janet McClain, Manager of Information Technology Operations,
Sherley Pompilus, Applications & Support Specialist,
Gregory Scott, Information Technology Coordinator,

Online Technology

Benjamin Moser, Instructional Technologist,
Lisa O'Connor, Senior Instructional Designer,


Office of Institutional Advancement

Evan Gallivan, Vice President of Institutional Advancement,
Andrew Putnam, Executive Assistant, Governance & Development,
Geoffrey Whaley, Associate Director of Advancement Services,
Madeline Lanois, Development Coordinator,


Office of the Provost and Education Administration

Diana Ramirez-Jasso, Full-Time Faculty Member in the History and Theory of Design, Provost,
Aidan Ackerman, Director, Digital Media,
Jiray Avedisian, Coordinator of Academic Services & Assistant to the Provost, 
Margaret (Meg) Carne, Director of Academic & Faculty Services,
Anna Harmison, Administrative Assistant to Academic & Faculty Services,
Victoria Hallinan, Director of Liberal Studies,
Jade Hopkins, Coordinator of Faculty Services,
Meghan Lopes, Coordinator of Academic Services,
Manuela Mariani, Assistant Director of Foundation Studios,
Luis Montalvo, Director of Media Arts,
Lee Peters, Director of Foundation Studios,
Elizabeth Stuhlsatz, Manager of the Learning Resource Center,


Susan Lewis, Library Director,
Robert Adams, Manager of Collection Development and Outreach,
Kris Kobialka, Institutional Records Manager/Archivist,
Hong (Jenny) Jing, Systems Librarian,
Christina Leshock, Library Cataloger,
Kristen Liberman, Associate Library Director,
Sheri Rosenzweig, Reference/Visual Resources Librarian,
Melissa Wallin, Library Clerk,
Megan Piemonte, Library Clerk,
Lisa Schuchmann, Visual Resources Library Assistant,


Len Charney, Dean & Faculty, Practice,
Maria Sardinas, Associate Director of Career Services,
Carline Arcene, Practice Information Coordinator,
Beth Lundell Garver, Director of Foundation Instruction in Practice,
Ben Peterson, Director of Practice Instruction and Student Support,

School of Architecture

Karen Nelson, Dean & Faculty, School of Architecture,
Vaugh Horn, Faculty and Director of Special Projects,
Ian Taberner, Director of Masters' Thesis,
Yoonjee Koh, Director of Intermediate Architecture Studios & Faculty,
Robert Gillig, Director of Advanced Architecture Studios & Faculty,

School of Interior Architecture

Crandon Gustafson, Dean & Faculty, School of Interior Architecture,
Denise Rush, Director Undergraduate Interior Architecture,

School of Landscape Architecture

Maria Bellalta, Dean & Faculty, School of Landscape Architecture,
Nicole Gaenzler, Faculty,

School of Design Studies

Don Hunsicker, Dean & Faculty, School of Design Studies,
Michael Fiorillo, Director of Sustainable Design,
Eleni Glekas, Director of Historic Preservation,
Dragana Kovacevic, Administrative Assistant to the Project Manager/Principle Investigator,