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Public Safety

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Following the latest developments in the spread of Coronavirus, known as COVID-19, the BAC leadership continues to monitor the situation daily along with its impact on our students, faculty and staff.  Please go to our COVID-19 page for the latest updates on the Coronavirus.

Campus Security

Longwood Security Services provides public safety and security for the Boston Architectural College (BAC).

In the event of an emergency call 911 immediately and then, when possible, dial (857) 248-0284 or  617-436-4600 (from an external phone) or dial extension 243 (from an internal phone). 

Longwood Security follows protocol specific to the nature of the critical event.

If you have any non-emergency questions or concerns please report them to our onsite Security Personnel at: or 617-585-0200 during our standard hours of operation or dial 617-436-4600 outside of standard hours of operation.  For any questions regarding Security please contact Patti Vaughn at or 617-585-0211.

Longwood Security reports to:

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Campus Compliance Reports
The Boston Architectural College, in accordance with the US Department of Education, is committed to assisting in providing a safe environment for staff to work, faculty and students to teach and learn, as well as to keep parents and students well informed about campus security. Data collected in this survey will be published by the Office of Postsecondary Education on the Campus Safety and Security page. The survey was authorized by Congress with the 1998 amendment to the Higher Education Act of 1965 (HEA) to help potential college students and their parents research criminal offenses on college campuses. Please see the attached documents pertaining to the Boston Architectural College's Clery and campus compliance reports. For the BAC Student Policies and Community Standards along with the Campus Compact these can be found here.

In compliance with the Crime Awareness and Campus Security Act of 1990, the BAC requires students, faculty, and staff to report all criminal actions or threats thereof, vandalism, and emergencies occurring within the building and vicinity by calling 911 and then reporting the incident to our Security personnel. Reports are to be made to the Security Officer on duty at the reception station in the lobby, who will file an incident report. The Security Officer can be reached internally by dialing extension 243. In the event that an incident occurs after hours, students should call appropriate law enforcement and/or emergency personnel and Longwood Security 617-436-4600. All reports will then be disseminated to appropriate staff member(s).

Longwood Security Escort
An escort is available at all times. Anyone requesting an escort service may ask the security officer on site to secure one through the Longwood Security main office.

Medical Emergency
• In case of a medical emergency, call 911.
• Please notify security at 617-730-7160 from an external phone, or internally from extension 243. 
• 951 Boylston Street: Familiarize yourself with emergency phones on each floor-this will connect you to Longwood Security.
• Onsite security can help make a determination as to whether or not medical attention is required.
• If medical attention is needed and the injury is minor, security can treat the victim with the first aid kit.
• If the injury is more serious, security can call an ambulance.

Hospitals Nearby
• Boston Medical Center, 1 Boston Medical Center Place (by car: 10 minutes / 1.45 miles)
• Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, 1 Deaconess Road (by car: 11 minutes / 1.9 miles)
• New England Baptist Hospital, 125 Parker Hill Street (by car: 15 minutes / 2.38 miles)
• Brigham and Women's Hospital, 75 Francis Street (by car: 11 minutes / 1.8 miles)
• Mass General Hospital, 55 Fruit St, Boston, MA 02114 (by car: 11 minutes / 2.1 miles)

Security completes an incident report and forwards it to Director of Administrative Operations and the Manager of Facilities. A file is maintained for the federal year-end statistics report.

Fire Drill
• When fire alarms sounds and emergency lights are flashing, please evacuate the building immediately in an orderly fashion.
• If possible, take all belongings with you and leave the immediate area where the hazard exists
• Please walk immediately to the exit stairwells.

• Do not use elevators!  Walk single file on the right side of the stairs and use the handrail when necessary
• Upon exiting the building, please gather across the street from the building, remaing at least 100 fee away rom the building.
• Do not re-enter the building until the fire department has given permission to do so.
Security will alert all those trying to enter the building that the building is closed.

Stolen Property
• Report all incidents to security at the 320 Newbury Street location as soon as possible.
• Security can also be notified by calling 617-436-4600 or internally from extension 243.
• If stolen property is found, the person will be notified.  Please keep in mind the BAC is not responsible for lost or stolen property.
• Please report any stolen items to the local police department in our precinct which is located at:
Boston Police Department, 650 Harrison Avenue, Boston, MA 02116-6199; 617-343-4250
• Security completes an incident report and forwards it to BAC staff, the Director of Administrative Operations, the Director of Facilities and the Associate V.P. and Dean of Students. A file is maintained for a Federal year-end statistics report.
•  At the end of each semster any items left unclaimed will be disposed of.

Sudden and Inclement Weather (i.e., snow storms, blackouts)
If the decision has been made to close the BAC buildings, notification will be posted on the BAC's website and email notifications will be sent to current faculty, staff, and students. Security will alert all those entering the campus that the building is closing and the designated time. The telephone's voicemail system will be updated to the buildings closing status. Text messages will be sent out with notification of our status to those who opt-in at

You can also find our college closing notification on the following broadcasts:
WCVB-TV channel 5
WBZ 4 Storm Center
7 News Boston Storm Force WHDH-TV
Fox 25 News

If we decide to close the building for the day, we will post the morning cancellations between 6 am-6:30 am.
For storms that begin while we are on campus:
4:00 pm -7:00 pm class cancellations will be posted by 1:00 pm
7:00 pm-10:30 pm class cancellations will be posted by 4:00 pm

Statewide Emergency and Evacuation Procedures
For an emergency, call 911, then call 617-730-7160, if possible.
The fire signal is an audible alarm made through the fire system. When the alarm sounds, please follow the instructions below:
• Leave the immediate area where the hazard exists.
• Use the handrails, and walk single file on the right side of the stairs. Do not use the elevator!
• Remain calm and quiet in order to hear additional instructions.
• Exit the facility and remain at least 100 feet away from the building or at an established meeting place.
• Remain outside of the facility until instructed by emergency responders to re-enter.
• Cooperate with emergency response personnel.
• Security will alert all those entering the campus that the building is closed.

BAC ID badge/Access Rights/Library Card
• During hours of operation, a valid BAC or Pro Arts identification card is requested for access to the BAC. Guests must sign in and out at the front desk Anyone visiting the BAC must sign into the guest book at the front desk with Security
• Any guest visiting McCormick Gallery may do so once they have signed the guest book. If they wish to tour the campus they must alert the Admissions Department who will work with them to set up a tour when available. Guests may not tour the campus unescorted
• Students should be prepared to show their BAC ID if requested by a uniformed security guard. Anyone who does not present an ID will be asked to leave the building if there is no one present who has a valid ID and who can vouch for the identity of the unidentified student and sign him or her in.
• 24-hour access is available only to those with special access cards, which are made available to Studio and Thesis students, subject to terms specified upon issue.
• BAC ID access rights are valid for one semester only. Students must have their BAC ID access card to be guaranteed access after-hours.
• Access to the BAC is a privilege and not a right. Everyone who wishes to exercise that privilege has a responsibility to enhance the security of the community by observing security rules and regulations and reporting without delay anything that would diminish that security. Reporting procedures are specified under "Crime" below.
• New and replacement BAC ID badge/access rights/library cards are made for current Students, Staff, and Faculty in the Office of Student Life located on the first floor of 320 Newbury Street.
• If you lose your BAC ID/access rights/library card please notify the Operations Department by phone at 617-585-0211 or by email at as soon as possible so that we may deactivate any access right privileges for safety and security purposes. 
• Replacement of a BAC ID/access rights/library card for students will cost $30.00. LOST AND FOUND

Lost and Found
Lost and Found is located at the 320 Newbury Street Security Desk. The BAC is not responsible for personal property left on the premises. Please do not store any items at the Security desks, Security is not responsible for items left and all unclaimed items will be donated or discarded one week after the end of the semester.

Rollerblades, Skateboards, & Roller Skates
For the safety and well-being of all, the use of rollerblades, skateboards, and roller skates are prohibited in all BAC facilities.

Parking at the BAC
Automobiles, motorcycles, etc.
There is no provision for parking anywhere on BAC property for staff, faculty, students, or other constituents. Any unauthorized vehicle parked on BAC property will be towed without notice, at the owner's risk and expense. Security personnel make routine checks of school property throughout the week during day and evening hours, to ensure that no vehicles are illegally parked.

All bicycles belonging to BAC students, instructors, and staff are to be parked and secured at the bike rack at the rear of the 320 Newbury Street building. 

No bicycles are allowed inside the building except under the following conditions:
• Any Staff members with a private office may store a bike inside their office space.
• Anyone may bring a folding bike inside the campus buildings but it must be kept entirely folded at all times and is not to block any means of egress
• A Bike cannot be more than 24"x24"x11" and must be contained in a bag or carrying case and kept out of the aisles and any means of egress.
• Any of the following or similar brands are allowed under this policy:
It is most important to keep ramps, stairwells and aisles clear of bikes.
Bicycles found in any building that does not comply with the exceptions above will be removed at the owner's risk.
If a bike is discovered blocking a means of egress or a passageway the bike will be removed immediately without notice to the owner. Security staff will, from time to time, check campus property to ensure that no bicycles are in the building. If a bicycle is found and is not blocking a means of egress, the security officer will do the following
1. Secure the bike with a lock (which is kept stored at the security desk.)
2. Place a "ticket" on the bike, which will inform the owner to locate the security officer who will then free the bike and inform the owner that it is improper to store bikes inside the building and
3. Remove the bike (if the owner does not recover the bike within two days) and park it unlocked at the bike rack at the rear of the 320 Newbury Street building.

Children at the BAC
Children visiting the campus must be accompanied by an adult at all times, unless they are part of our Summer Academy program in which they will be given a photo I.D. to identify them.

Services Animals at the BAC
Service animals only are allowed in the building. No other pets are allowed on campus.

Mental Health/Crisis and Assistance
The Boston Emergency Services Team (B.E.S.T.), under the leadership of Boston Medical Center and with the support of the Massachusetts Behavioral Health Partnership and the Massachusetts Department of Mental Health, provides 24-hour service for adults and children in need of immediate psychiatric intervention. Individuals who need emergency care are assessed and briefly treated by experienced, master's level clinicians and physicians who specialize in rapid response to those in psychiatric crisis. B.E.S.T. provides a comprehensive, highly integrated system of crisis evaluation to children, adolescents, adults, including the elderly, the homeless, mentally ill, and the multi-cultural populations within the Metro Boston areas. This toll-free number can be used 24 hours a day, seven days a week. By using the 1-800-981-4357 helpline, a caller is assisted in dealing with a psychiatric, crisis support, information and referrals. The caller may be directed to a B.E.S.T. urgent care center or a designated emergency department, or a crisis intervention mobile team may be dispatched to the site of the crisis. If you or someone in your family is in crisis, consider calling 1-800-981-4357 for guidance. They may suggest useful alternatives to the emergency department.