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Access Card Rules & Policies

Dear Students and Faculty:

Your BAC photo ID/access card also serves as your room access card, copier card and library card. If you have not already, you can obtain a new BAC photo ID/access card by visiting the Student Life Office located at 320 Newbury Street on the first floor.

You will keep these cards year round and we will update access rights when permitted. Replacement badges are $30.00. Please contact for a replacement card.

Please note: ONLY thesis and degree project studio students registered for the appropriate classes have 24/7 + holiday access. You are not permitted to allow anyone else access to the designated studio and can lose your access privileges if abused.

You permission begins the first day of classes for the Spring semester: Tuesday, January 22, 2019, and ends at midnight, May 24, 2019. Campus Cleanout will begin the following week; therefore any items remaining will be disposed of, so please keep this in mind. We are not able to store any remaining projects.

Please note the following Policies and Procedures regarding your access rights:

• Once access rights are added to your card, you will be able to access the BAC buildings outside of normal operating hours.

• Access to the buildings comes with certain responsibilities, which are necessary for the safety of the individual and the school. Please remember that access rights are a privilege, which can be revoked if abused.

• Access is meant for your use only. You are not permitted to provide access to anyone else, or to allow anyone else to use your ID card. Failure to adhere to this policy could result in loss of access privileges.

• If you are accessing the BAC after normal operating hours, you must have your ID card with you at all times. Cards must be shown to BAC security if requested. If you cannot produce your card, you will be asked to leave the building. Failure to leave may result in loss of access privileges.

• Access rights are only active during the class semester(s) you are enrolled which is an approved Thesis, Degree Project, Intensive, or Studio course. Your access will terminate at midnight by the end of classes and before Campus Cleanout.

• Any projects or other items left behind will be disposed of during Campus Cleanout.

• Lost cards - If you lose your card or have trouble using your card, please email the Operations Department immediately at or call 617.585.0211.

When you pick up your ID card you are agreeing to accept the rules and regulations set forth by the BAC in this document.

Violation of these procedures will result in a loss of after-hours access privileges!

Please carefully read and review the security procedures listed below.

I (the student), agree to the following proper use of space:

Building Access Information:
• You will need to sign into the log book at the front Security Guard desk, indicating the time and your location in the building.
• When you leave the building, you must sign out and note the time.
• Signing in and out is very important! In case of an emergency, security personnel use the sign out lists to notify Fire and Police responding to the BAC if there are people in the building and their locations.

When Entering the 951 Boylston Street Building:
• Tap your ID card to the gray access panel beside the glass doors.
• Take the ramp to the elevator or stairwell at the rear of the building.
• Upon reaching your designated floor, tap the gray access panel beside the door to unlock the door.
• After normal building hours when the building is locked, you are only permitted into your designated classroom area.
• Please be reminded you are not permitted in any other areas of the buildings. Many areas of the BAC are alarmed!
• When exiting the building, make sure the doors close and lock before you walk away.

When Entering the 320 Newbury Street Building:
• Tap your ID card to the gray access panel on the right of the main entrance doors. Upon entering through the second glass door and signing in at the guard's desk, take either the stairs on your immediate right or the elevator to your designated classroom.
• Many areas in the 320 Newbury Street building are alarmed outside of normal building hours, so please keep in mind the following:
o Do not use the Monumental Staircase behind the security desk.
o Do not go into the Gallery.
o Do not go into the Loft.
o Do not try to access any floors other than the one where your designated space is located.

When Leaving the 320 Newbury Street Building:
• Press the red button to the left of the double doors and push the door to exit the building at the same time.
• Make sure the doors close and lock before you walk away from the building.

Lost Cards
• If you lose your card or have trouble using it, please notify the Operations Department immediately at, 617-585-0211.

• Call 911 and then notify security at 617-730-7160.
• When fire alarms sound and emergency lights are flashing, please evacuate the building immediately in an orderly fashion. Please also keep in mind the following:
o Take all belongings with you, if possible.
o Walk immediately to the exit stairwells.
o Do not use elevators!
o Upon exiting the building, gather across the street from the building.
o Do not re-enter the building until the fire department has given permission to do so.
o Do not try to silence the alarm yourself. The alarm company will automatically respond within two hours.
o Fire equipment may not be removed or tampered with. It is against the law to block fire exits, and/or to obstruct passage to the outside.

In Case of an Emergency
• CALL 911 and then notify security either by speaking to the guard at the front desk, or if they are unavailable, by calling 617-730-7160.
• Remember to always call 911 first in any emergency!
• If you see an intruder attempting to forcibly enter the building, or if you notice any other suspicious behavior, call 911 and then speak with the guard on duty.
• Do not jeopardize your personal safety.

Additional Rules
• All trash must be placed in appropriate receptacles. Students are expected to leave workspaces in clean and orderly condition.
• All personal belongings and projects must be confined to the area of your designated space. The BAC is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Stolen items may be reported to the 320 Newbury Street security desk in person or via email at
• Aisles must be kept clear and unobstructed. This is necessary for the safety of all students, faculty, and staff.
• Doors may not be blocked, propped open, or obstructed in any way.
• Students are responsible for providing their own hardware such as computers and printers.
• Pets are not permitted in BAC buildings. Only service animals may be brought inside the BAC.
• Bicycles are generally not permitted in BAC buildings. Bicycles may be parked at the bike rack in the alley at the rear of the 320 Newbury Street building (off Hereford Street). The only exceptions to this rule are as follows:
o Staff members with private offices may store their bicycles in their offices.
o Folding bicycles are permitted provided they are kept entirely folded at all times and that they are not larger than 24" x 24" x 11". They must also be contained in a bag or carrying case and kept out of aisles and any other means of egress. Any of the following or similar brands are allowed under this policy:
* Brompton
* Dahon
* Citizen
* Tern Link

• There is no reserved parking for students, faculty, or thesis representatives/advisors.
• Skateboarding and roller blading are not allowed inside BAC buildings.
• Headphones must be worn when listening to music. This respects other students' music choices, as well as any reviews that may be occurring.
• Sleeping overnight at the BAC is prohibited.
• Marking or claiming a space within the Studio as your own is not permitted. Studios are considered open spaces for use by all students with card access.
• Smoking and drinking is not permitted within the studio space.
• Use of power tools and/or electrical appliances other than those provided by the BAC is strictly prohibited. This includes hotplates, refrigerators, toaster ovens, fans, and similar items.
• Furniture and equipment may not be moved.
• Items may not be hung from the ceiling, lighting fixtures, or sprinkler pipes.
• Tape may not be placed on painted surfaces.
• Do not changes any existing Facilities arrangements without the permission of Ellen Yee, director of Facilities. She may be contacted by emailing
• All rules posted within your designated area must be followed.

Emergency Contact Information (in order of contact)
1. 911
2. Longwood Security: 617-730-7160
3. 320 Newbury Street Security (Longwood): 617-585-0200 or
4. 951 Boylston Street Security (Longwood): 617-585-0108 or
5. Ellen Yee, director of Facilities: 617-585-7396 or
6. Patti Vaughn, director of Administrative Operations: 617-585-0211 or

By accepting use of your updated access rights, you agree you understand the security procedures outlined in this contract and agree that you will adhere to the rules and regulations set forth. You also agree that you are aware that if you do not adhere to these rules and regulations, your access privileges to BAC buildings at 320 Newbury Street and/or 951 Boylston Street will be revoked.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact one of the following people:

Patti Vaughn, director of Administrative Operations: 617-585-0211 or
Ellen Yee, Director of Facilities: 617-585-7396 or

Thank you,
Patti Vaughn
Director of Administrative Operations