Emergency Notification


In the event that an emergency situation arises, a member of the CIMT will contact the necessary staff to initiate a timely warning by following our emergency notification procedure. This will be used to transmit critical information to a large segment of the BAC campus, staff, students, and faculty as quickly as possible. This will be accomplished through one or more of the following methods:

1. BAC EMAILS - Emails are sent to all staff, current faculty, and current students, which will be received by those who check their school-issued email account. Various departments have permissions to send out all staff emails relative to emergency situations, i.e., the Director of Marketing and Communications, the Director of Administrative Operations, the Associate V.P. of Facilities, etc.

2. THE BAC WEBSITE - Every page of the BAC website will display crucial information in event of an emergency: the-bac.edu. The Director of Marketing and Communications or the Web Content Manager will be responsible for updating the website.

3. TEXT MESSAGES - Broadcast SMS messages via the BAC messaging system.
Timely Warnings will be sent out via texts message by the Director of Administrative Operations or the Assistant Director of Technical Infrastructure.
Two types of communication are necessary:

  • Internal Systems Operations
  • Public Information