Online Master of Architecture Curriculum

The Online Track of the Master of Architecture is a professionally accredited, two-year graduate program. Students enter and move through the program in a cohort of fellow colleagues. The curriculum includes advanced studios that emphasize conceptual and technical design mastery, supported by allied courses in theory and research, urbanism, building technology and professional practice. At the end of semester 3, students submit a portfolio for review before advancing to semester 4 when thesis work begins. Additional courses in professional practice and an elective round out the thesis experience.

Coursework is accomplished in rigorous exchanges of ideas and critiques conducted online in graphic, text, and audio formats, and is supplemented each semester by an intensive week-long residency at the BAC in Boston. Each semester students take a professional development course in which work-related experience and Practice-based learning are reported and assessed. 

  • Curriculum Requirements

Semester 1

Semester 2

Semester 3

Semester 4

*Based on academic evaluation, students may be placed in a four or five semester program.

Total Academic Credits: 36

Total Practice Hours: 3,000/3,800

Skill Level: 8/10