Certificate of Finance

International Admissions

Jennifer Stanley

International Student Enrollment Counselor

Before an admitted international student can apply for an F-1 visa to study at the BAC, you must receive an immigration form called the Certificate of Eligibility (I-20) from us. The BAC must receive proof of sufficient financial support before issuing an I-20 and thus requires a Certificate of Finance for all international students.

Certificate of Finance Form—Onsite Programs
Certificate of Finance Form— MDS Programs

The Certificate of Finance form requires that you indicate the amounts and sources of funds available to you while you pursue your degree at the BAC. Accessible funds may come from scholarships, fellowships, sponsoring agencies, personal funds, or family funds. Sufficient funds documentation must accompany the Certificate of Finance. Scholarships and sponsorships must be on official letterhead. Personal and family funds may be verified by an official bank statement certified by a bank or a bank letter verifying sufficient financial resources; either one is acceptable. 

Undergraduate amount needed: $48,0670.00 USD
Graduate amount needed: $46,902.00 USD

Requirements for the Bank Statement

  1. Must be in English
  2. Currency can be in USD (preferred) or in local currency
  3. Date can not be older than six months

Requirements for the Bank Letter

  1. Must be on bank letterhead
  2. Must be in English 
  3. Currency must be in indicated in USD
  4. Date can not be older than six months

The financial documentation must adequately cover a minimum of one year's amount of academic and living costs (please refer to the Estimate of Expenses). A completed Certificate of Finance and all supporting materials must be submitted to the international student advisor in the Admission Office. After carefully reviewing your financial documentation, the BAC will determine whether we will issue an I-20. Please be aware that each institution has its own standard for reviewing the financial documentation. Thus, financial documentation, which may be accepted by another institution, may not be applicable for the BAC. Please note that we will not review financial documentation until a student is fully admitted to one of our degree programs.

It is important that you submit your information as quickly as possible to ensure that there is enough time for you to apply for the visa and enter the US before your courses begin. Be sure to keep copies of all documents sent to the BAC. You will need them for getting your student visa from the U.S. Consulate and maybe needed to present to the U.S. Customs and Border Protection upon entry to the United States.

*Please note that you can send the bank statement(s) to Jennifer Stanley or fax it to the admissions office at +1.617.585.0121 for initial review. Admitted students will be asked for original documents if authenticity cannot be reasonably determined by the electronic or faxed copies.