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Dainela Corey
Daniela Coray
Coordinator of Course Instruction, and Faculty, Landscape Architecture

Currently serving as Coordinator of Course Instruction and Assistant Faculty at the BAC. Daniela is also chairs the Committee on K-12 Outreach for the Boston Society of Landscape Architects; she is an associate member of the American Society of Landscape Architects, a member of the Massachusetts Environmental Education Society, and serves as a member of the Ecological Landscape Alliance.


As a BAC faculty member, Daniela is committed to fostering lasting relationships with current and former students, as well as the College community at large.  Through her work with the BAC Summer Academy, and ongoing efforts to connect the K-12 community to design fields through inter-generational design workshops and studios, she has been instrumental in fostering connections among the BAC community, local schools and youth organizations, and the broader professional network.