BAC to Paris

Student Travel Intensive to Paris

Rich Griswold, Associate Provost and Dean of Students and Jovi Cruces, Senior Associate of DiMella Shaffer, have led two travel intensives to Paris that included visits Jakob + MacFarlane. They initially contacted Brendan MacFarlane, Principal of Jakob + MacFarlane, Paris, "because his firm's work has such a legible conceptual basis: It has rigor and real ambition, yet at the same time it is unmistakably joyful.

During the first visit, the students first encountered Georges café above the Pompidou Center and, as they learned about the work of the firm, were impressed with the successful work at a range of scales - from furniture to interiors, from building to master plan. There was a terrific office visit in 2008, and Rich and Jovi returned with a second set of students a year later. Brendan met the group on the jobsite of the firm's Rue Herold Social Housing where they were able to appreciate his incorporation of visionary sustainability principles into the firm's signature aesthetic.

His work left a strong impression on all, as did the clarity with which he shares that work. The students proposed Brendan MacFarlane to be the 20th Cascieri Lecturer.

BAC to Paris 2008: Chris Raichle, B.Arch; Greg Spears, M.Arch; Arlen Stawasz, B.Arch; Griscel Hernandez-Diaz B.Arch (Graduate); Sarah Eigen Davis, M. Arch (Graduate); Lian Davis, M. Arch (Graduate); Nancy Santorelli, MID; Mika Gillmore, BID (Graduate); Stephanie Bruss, BID; Adam Westlund, B.Arch; Donald Barany, B.Arch Levi Tofias, M.Arch

BAC to Paris 2009: Renee Rodiger, B.Arch; Jonathan Fertig, M.Arch (Graduate); Ben Herter, M.Arch Scott Brown, M.Arch (Graduate); Rodney Cudmore, M.Arch; Cyndi Theriault, MID; Dorian Juncewicz, M.Arch; Justin Davies, B.Arch (Graduate); Michael Hamilton, M.Arch; Jarrod Quartell, B.Arch