Cascieri 20: Brendan MacFarlane

Stories | Histoires

March 29, 2012

Abstract: "Stories are often an aspect that remains untold or hidden behind our projects; yet we feel that they are the reason that gives depth to certain projects, going beyond just what we see. They are often the very motor to projects." - Brendan MacFarlane.

In his lecture, Brendan explains the stories behind his work, how they have developed and gave form and meaning. On Friday, March 30th, MacFarlane held an informal seminar with a group of advanced BAC students on campus. The seminar was an extension of his lecture the previous night, and dug deeper into the fine detail of how the firm's work moved from idea and model to a realized and comprehensive project. Topics of discussion explored the prominent use of color in MacFarlane's work, what part color plays in the designs, and how specific colors are chosen.

Brendan MacFarlane of Jakob + MacFarlane was born in New Zealand, and received his B.Arch degree from the Southern California Institute of Architecture, and his M.Arch degree from the Harvard Graduate School of Design. Jakob + MacFarlane is an architectural firm based in Paris, France. The firms work explores digital technology both as a conceptual consideration and as a means of fabrication, using new materials as a possibility to create a more flexible, responsive and immediate environment.