Cultural Landscape Studio in Malta

Cultural Landscape Studio: Malta

Instructor: Allison Crosbie

A cultural landscape report (CLR) tells the story of a place. It describes the existing landscape and offers guidance in preserving and enhancing its historic character for the future. It is an important tool for landscape preservation planning. Students will learn the methods and approaches to producing CLRs including research, analysis and synthesis, and become familiar with the cultural landscapes types and classifications established by the National Park Service and UNESCO.

This online course includes a two week intensive field session where participants will have the opportunity to develop field skills and critical analysis. Working with a 270-year old villa in Malta, students will conduct research onsite to develop historic period plans and a chronology, as well as document existing site conditions, such as spatial organization, land use, vegetation, circulation, water features, topography, views and vistas, buildings and structures, and small scale features. They will analyze their findings, determining the character defining features of the landscape and how much historic fabric is still extant. Ultimately, students will generate goals and/or priorities for the continued preservation of the landscape and accommodation of future needs of the property.

This course is being offered in conjunction with BAC's Master of Design Studies Program in Historic Preservation, which will be running a concurrent intensive in Architectural Materials Conservation. See the 2013 Malta Conservation Intensive report here.