Parking Forest

David Burn, Master of Architecture

David Burn is a Master of Architecture student at The Boston Architectural College. As part of the semester-long course, Natural System Studio, David and fellow students developed architectural and landscape designs for the Malden River corridor. Below is David's design proposal: Parking Forest.

For the Malden River project, David focused on the history of the area. It quickly became clear how transportation, industry, and infill have shaped this river. It started as the main means of transportation until rail lines and street grids took over. The rail brought industry to the river, which proceeded to infill and share the current boundaries. As automobiles and trucks replaced the rail, the infill became paved parking, with over 1600 parking spaces currently in place between Charles Street and River's Edge. Much of this parking has led to pollution from sheet runoff and stormwater management issues.

David's goal with this project is to improve parking conditions by introducing landscape interventions between parking rows where applicable, as well as consolidating much of the weekday parking into a central garage that can also act as a node to activate the river. Patio dining and an interactive pedestrian bridge allows Malden residents to enjoy the river, instead of just parking beside it.