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320 Newbury Street
Boston, MA 02115

8 am–10:30 pm
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Design for Resilience: Learning from Rebuild by Design

Exhibition in McCormick Gallery and Symposium

On January 13, 2015, the BAC partnered with Rebuild by Design for a discussion on how to ready Boston's ecology, infrastructure, and culture for the future of climate change. Building upon the momentum of resiliency efforts around the city, the BAC's latest exhibition and events will explore the decisive role that design can play in creating a resilient region.

The evening featured luminaries from Boston's design world and key players from the Rebuild by Design competition for two panel discussions followed by a reception for the Design for Resilience exhibition in McCormick Gallery. Design for Resilience asks us to think, discuss, and take action as we consider how to better connect ourselves to our ecology and our infrastructure to ready ourselves for the future. What will Boston look like in 2050? What will our coastal cities look like in 2115?

About the Design for Resilience Exhibition: 

Rebuild by Design has been answering these questions of resilience - the ability to withstand, adapt, and recover from shock - with an innovative process that relies on unprecedented collaboration to create unique solutions for a stronger tomorrow.

In response to Hurricane Sandy's catastrophic landfall in October 2012, President Obama's Hurricane Sandy Rebuilding Task Force launched Rebuild by Design as a design competition to generate solutions to not only the storm's devastation, but also to long-standing physical and social vulnerabilities now exposed and exacerbated. Rebuild by Design connects design teams with researchers and policymakers as well as residents, businesses, and community-based organizations whom the storm affected. These collaborations enable the teams to develop socially, environmentally, and economically rigorous interventions that better prepare us for a future impacted by climate change. This exhibition showcases the competition's ten finalists and their detailed design proposals for creating a more resilient region.

We bring this exhibition to Boston to engage and educate ourselves and our fellow citizens about our own urban vulnerabilities; to showcase the power of collaborative problem solving and community engagement; and to highlight the forward-thinking work that local organizations are producing to protect us from increasing risk, intensifying storms, and rising seas. Exploring the Rebuild by Design proposals, along with new work from Terreform ONE, opens a window that suggests how Boston could arrive at a safer tomorrow.

These transformational designs and the process that generated them are a call to action. Join us in taking control over our destiny and creating a resilient future for the City of Boston.

Funding for this exhibition is generously provided by the Kingdom of the Netherlands and the Boston Architectural College.