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Distinguished Visiting Critic Program

This lecture was presented as part of the Distinguished Visiting Critic Program (DVC), funded by the Hideo Sasaki Foundation.

Karl Daubmann

Mass Design Group

Stefan Behnisch and Thomas Auer

Stoss Landscape Urbanism

Brian Healy

Alex Anmahian

Jinhee Park and John Hong


Spring 2013 Hideo Sasaki Distinguished Visiting Critic

Karl Daubmann

Lecture: April 10, 2013
New technologies in design and manufacturing continue to undermine the profession's long held separation between designers and makers. Through research, design work and in his post as VP of Design at Blu Homes, Karl Daubmann examines the design potential of materials, methods, and manufacturing experimentation.

Exhibition: April 10 - April 28, 2013
Blu Homes Manufactured Mutation: Models, Products, and Projects

Blu Homes designs and builds modern, green, prefab houses that fold for shipping across the US and Canada. The upcoming McCormick Gallery Exhibit shares how Blu Homes makes ideas tangible and communicates them to others and to themselves through research, iterative testing, and refinement through physical and digital models.

Three products (Sidebreeze, Lofthouse, and T House) are the focus of the show but other completed projects are also displayed to give insight into the project design, manufacturing, and site work that personalizes a Blu Home and makes it specific to a client and site.