Gateway Project: Chinatown Furniture

In spring 2012, the BAC practice department and Junko Yamamoto launched the Gateway project Chinatown Furniture. This project was developed to create a series of custom-designed and fabricated furniture pieces for the Chinatown Lantern Reading Room.

The Chinatown Lantern Reading Room is a two-year pilot program designed to test the idea of building a permanent Chinatown Lantern Cultural and Educational Center that would include a public library. It has been over 50 years since Chinatown has seen a Boston Public Library branch within its community. 

This project called for a series of furniture pieces ranging from seating, to work surfaces, to bookshelves.  The proposed system was a series of small modules at a human scale that aggregated to create furniture pieces within the library. These furniture pieces can expand in order to accommodate potential growth of the reading room and its changing needs.

Schematic designs of the furniture were developed by a team of Harvard Graduate School of Design students. BAC students further developed the schematic designs into a more constructible form. BAC students were involved in every step of the process - from preparing construction drawings, to fabricating the pieces, then assembling each furniture piece, and finally, installing the completed furniture pieces in the Chinatown Lantern Reading Room

Nicholas Ambrogio, B.Arch
Molly Jane Derby, M.Arch
Megan Lorenz, M.Arch
Jena Meier, B.Arch
Shichong Xie, B.Arch

Project Team:
Kye Liang | BCNC/CCC Client Representative
Alice Leung | BCNC/CCC Client Representative
Marrikka Trotter | Design Organizer/Coordinator
Junko Yamamoto | Project Organizer/Manager
Gabrielle Patawaran | Design Critic
Judy Sue | Design Critic