Archventures/Arlington Children's Theater

Spring 2012 Gateway Project

Archventures recently partnered with the Arlington Children's Theater to design and construct the set for their spring production of ‘Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.' A.C.T. has over 80 actors (age range 7-18) involved with the production that will run from March 15th-18th. This will be a very high paced, creative and energetic design/build project. The design team will begin with a group charrette involving director and select actors to develop a design concept, learn about staging and choreography. Students will be responsible for schematic design, client presentations, construction documents, budgeting, material sourcing, and construction. Archventures is seeking highly creative and motivated individuals. Emphasis will be placed upon concept, material use/reuse (tectonics), prefabrication, lighting, and color.