The Malden Ribbon

Kerri Mulligan, Master of Architecture

Kerri Mulligan is a Master of Architecture student at the Boston Architectural College. As part of the semester-long course, Natural System Studio, Kerri and fellow students developed architectural and landscape designs for the Malden River corridor. Below is Kerri's design proposal: The Malden Ribbon.

Through analysis, Kerri determined the Malden River is accessible by car, train, bike, bus, walking and boating. However the public is not aware the River even exists. Kerri looked for businesses within a thirty minute walking radius around the site and found bakeries, restaurants, schools, gyms, and churches that all bring people to them every day. Kerri also found green spaces by the river that formed this perfect row but the river is an obstacle in terms of accessing them easily.

Connecting Malden:

  • Connect the train station to the Malden river with a Malden Ribbon walking trail. This will allow people to venture down to the river easily and more often.
  • Extend the same Ribbon to the green spaces to bring in residents living in the surrounding neighborhoods to the site.
  • Connect existing local business to the site by creating mini hubs of the stores. This will eliminate most of the parking near the site and provide a parking garage in the vacant building.
  • The new parking will be no more than a 10 minute walk for people. Also the Ribbon will have shelter for bad weather conditions.

The Master Plan:

  • A well lit canopy for food trucks to come to the site and advertise their restaurants that are located in Malden.
  • An outdoor movie screen with plenty of seating for residents to enjoy movies during the nice weather months.
  • An outside workout area, such as track and obstacle courses.
  • An art gallery for people and students to display their work.
  • Garden spaces to bring in natural elements and to also to provide an area that would be useful to Anthony's for Wedding Season.
  • River Front seating for relaxation.
  • A Dog park.
  • These steps will bring people to the site and give them reasons to keep coming back.