Principles of Networking

Session with Marc Pelletier, Chair of Board Of Trustees

BAC students and graduates are consistently cited as the most prepared students for the design challenges of the 21st century. While at the BAC, students are already establishing professional networks. At the annual AD 20/21 Gala Preview Party to benefit the BAC, students have the opportunity to represent the BAC as well as to network with representatives from potential design employers throughout Boston. On Thursday evening, March 20th, in preparation for the event, Marc Pelletier, Chair of the Board of Trustees and alumnus of the College, hosted a session where he worked directly with students on the Principles of Networking using personal examples and stories of professional connections.

"Marc knows how to make a great first impression" said Cory Mills, Bachelor of Architecture candidate, who attended the session. "The experience he shared with us turned an intimidating event into a manageable one." Marcus Hamblin candidate for Bachelor of Interior Design commented, "I love learning more about how I can build relationships within the design industry. Connecting with people helps us be able to design for them. After all, they are why we do what we do."

Students left the session prepared and confident to market themselves, not only for AD 20/21, but throughout their emerging careers as designers and representatives of the BAC.