Parkolation Project Gallery

Spring 2014 Gateway Initiative Project

In Spring 2014, the BAC collaborated with the Boston Green Academy (BGA) to develop a parklet, an innovative and sustainable urban space for the City of Boston. The semester-long project, entitled The Parkolation Project, was a collaborative, hands-on learning partnership between the BAC and the BGA through the College's Gateway Initiative, a program which provides pro bono design services to nonprofits and municipal agencies through the greater Boston area.

Acting as mentors, BAC architecture students - Risa Ishihara, Ge Wang, Estyvens Torchons and Maria Bolivar - along with BAC Gateway Instructor, Cortney Kirk, Landscape Architect at Copley Wolff Design Group, and Willa Peragine, founder of the Parkolation Project, worked with BGA high school students to develop the design for a kit of parts to be fabricated and installed as a full functioning parklet in downtown Boston.

Parklets are mini-parks that take up a few metered parking spaces. They are part of a growing movement to make urban spaces more human-centered, green and accessible. The Parkolation Project installation features patio seating, plant life, a bicycle rack where bicyclists can hang and lock their bikes, and a phone charging station that is fully sustainable via solar panels.

On Wednesday, June 25, 2014, project members from the BAC and BGA as well as community volunteers gathered to build and install the finished parklet on the corner of Buswell Street and Park Drive, outside of Mei Mei Street Kitchen...more