Generative Light Fixture

BDS Student Chris Johnson Wins Second Place in 2011 Extreme Redesign Competition

Chris Johnson, a Bachelor of Design Studies student at The Boston Architectural College, earned Second Place in the Art/Architecture category of the 7th annual 2011 Extreme Redesign Contest sponsored by Dimension 3D Printing. 

The decorative light pendant is a generative design prototype for the mass customization of interior lighting. The design of the pendant is almost entirely based off an algorithm which defines the size of each perforation individually depending on their distance from an object (for example, the distance from the ceiling, floor and walls may vary for each location, i.e stairwells, coves, dining, etc.). Each of these variables are then individually calculated for emitting the exact optimal illumination to the surrounding objects/surfaces. The end result is an incredibly functional and aesthetically justified light fixture that is uniquely generated by its predetermined location and use.

This past fall, Chris enrolled in VS638: Robotic Arm Fabrication, a BAC course hosted by Radlab and taught by Matthew Trimble.