LI Travel Expedition: Sicily

Experience Sicily this spring with The Landscape Institute. See why poets, artist and gardeners have ventured to this amazing place for centuries. Enjoy the landscape, the wildflowers and the incomparable views. Gardens in Sicily show traces of Arab influences mixed with those of northern Europe and in particular that of those 19th century English gardeners who flocked here to develop designs in which they could grow rare and unusual plants. This expedition has been planned as an exploration of the history, landscapes and plants of the island. Our visits will take us to private gardens with romantic histories and sub-tropical plants and to meet with local garden makers, we will walk among ancient ruins, absorb glorious scenery, search for wildflowers and exercise our cameras, notebooks and sketchpads as we develop an understanding of the strange and compelling spells "Persephone's Island" has cast for centuries.

Date: March 7–17, 2012