LI Travel Expedition: South Africa

Western Cape of South Africa Expedition

It's the Cape Floral Kingdom—perhaps the greatest concentrations of floral diversity in the botanical world; it's also a land of enormous spaces and ancient art, glorious gardens, hospitable hosts and the unforgettable sight of magnificent animals on their own turf. Carl Linnaeus said it best "...there is no place on earth with such a variety of rare plants, animals, and other marvels of nature... it seems they are all concentrated at the Cape."
Walk through Milkwood forests and coastal wildflowers, view native plants, botanical collections and private gardens, the wine country, large and small fauna- bonteboks, lions, elephants, giraffes, cave paintings, and malachite—maybe even a leopard. A noted South African botanist, an expert on the country's native plants, will accompany us. Our group must be small to visit special places, charming hotels and memorable sites.