Stephen Messinger Ames Lecture Gallery

Building Our Sustainable Future: What Boston can learn from Sweden's cities

Sweden's leaders and municipalities invest time, money, energy, thinking, and political capital into sustainable initiatives from the smallest bike pump to the largest infrastructure projects. Cities such as Malmo and Stockholm leverage local and international expertise from a wide variety of fields including design, construction, planning, politics, education, development, property management, systems, and science and technology. Together they build and rebuild cities of the past into cities of the future.

With support from the 2012 John Worthington Ames Scholarship, Stephen Messinger traveled through Sweden and lived in a passiv haus in Vastra Hamnen, a Swedish neighborhood that targets energy neutrality. While abroad, he met with community leaders/officials, and explored the successes and failures of a country striving to make itself an energy independent leader in sustainable design, thinking, and practice.

This presentation showcases some of the work currently underway or recently completed in Sweden in the realm of building and developing sustainable cities. From these experiences and through his investigations, Stephen continues to ask the question "What can Boston learn from this?" as he searches for ways to apply this new knowledge here at home.