Summer Academy Chair Project

Think about all of ways and reasons we sit down: we sit on the bus or the T, in class, at the kitchen table or at the beach. The form of the human body influences the many ways we occupy space when sitting down. Working in a group of three and four students, each student team experiments with the creative potential of corrugated cardboard while working out chair designs at the scale of the body. Each team has a client who needs a chair that can meet specific functional requirements. Some clients need a chair to relax, others need a chair to stay awake, and some are grandparents who want to share their seat with their grandchildren. During this project student teams design and build full size chair prototypes that need to be fully functional. By exploring the expressive and structural possibilities of corrugated cardboard, the chair prototypes give us new reasons to think about our options for sitting. At the project review, your client will test out his or her chair and let you know if it the design meets the expectations. At the close of our Summer Academy gallery exhibition, BAC Summer Academy chairs have been seen being transported home on the T!