Summer Academy Constructed Landscape Project

Urban landscapes are transformed and shaped by layers of design decisions made over time. Before landscape architects, urban designers and architects come up with solutions to an urban problem they have been asked to solve, they need to analyze the project site to study what's there, who uses it and what natural or man-made systems are part of the picture. The urban landscape is a complex place filled with transportation infrastructure, natural features and social systems. Juggling all of these issues and making sense of them is the problem we tackle in the constructed landscape project. The project site is not far from the BAC and was once an elegant entrance to the Boston Fens. Known as Charlesgate, the area was originally marshland and is now a tangled web of surface roads, underground subway lines and a highway overpass that cross over and under an area that is under used parkland. The site is crossed by the Muddy River as it makes its way to the Charles. Each studio group examines and documents this area carefully and considers how to model innovative new uses for the open space. Your design ideas may prove to be viable solutions to an urban problem that the city has been working to solve for many years.