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IIDA Fashion Show 2016

BAC Team Walks Away with "Best School Entry" and "Best Walk" at the IIDA-NE 2016 Fashion Show  More

Mark Haddad's Work

Working hand-in-hand with the architect and builder on the project, Mark and Susan designed the crisp white kitchen that includes many custom touches, including the use of pieces from the client’s Mackenzie-Childs collection of pottery as pendant lights over the kitchen island.  More

Urban Design, Systems & Planning

Urban Design, Systems & Planning  More

Arlen Stawasz Ames Lecture Gallery

Exploration of Architecture and Sea Level Rise  More

Cascieri 22: Nicole Dosso Gallery

Innovation of the World Trade Center  More

Laura Kuhn's Work

Laura Kuhn Design Consultation creates custom artistic and wild spaces for private clients in the New England region and beyond, specializing in ecological landscape design.  More