The Hideo Sasaki Foundation Distinguished Visiting Critic Program

    2007 Distinguished Visiting Critics Jinhee Park and John Hong, Exhibition in McCormick Gallery. Photo by John Hong

    About the Program

    From 2007-2013, the Boston Architectural College appointed a Distinguished Visiting Critic to conduct an advanced studio for those seeking to study with highly accomplished design practitioners. As part of the appointment, the Distinguished Visiting Critic presented a public lecture and exhibition at the College. The BAC nominated and selected candidates who embodied the values of Hideo Sasaki, fostering collaboration and integration across the design disciplines of landscape architecture, architecture, and interior design.

    Hideo Sasaki Foundation

    The programs of The Hideo Sasaki Foundation are funded by a trust established by Sasaki Associates, Inc. and family, friends, and colleagues of Hideo Sasaki. Hideo Sasaki was internationally respected as a landscape architect, planner, teacher, and mentor. He instilled the firm he founded with a spirit of critical thinking and open inquiry, and pioneered the concept of interdisciplinary planning and design and insisted that every project be put in its cultural, historical, geographical, environmental, social, and economic context.