Summer Academy: Explore Design

Exhibition in McCormick Gallery

Student constructing model

Student in Summer Academy Studio

Photo by Matt Gelineau

  • 07/29/2011  to 08/07/2011

  • McCormick Gallery

  • Janet Oberto

  • Free and open to the public.

Summer Academy: Explore Design
The Boston Architectural College is pleased to present a public exhibition featuring the work of our 2011 Summer Academy students. The Exhibition, Summer Academy: Explore Design, will be in McCormick Gallery from July 29 through August 7, 2011.

Summer Academy at the BAC is a four-week design exploration program for high school students. Participants engage in a variety of hands-on experiences, including the construction of scale models, experimentation with a range of design techniques, site field trips, and firm visits. They explore inhabitation, navigation and repose - designers' most salient challenges - in the BAC studios during the month of July. Students employ freehand sketching, collage, model-making, mapping and diagramming to develop designs at the scale of the body, the building and the city. They prototype chairs, design dwellings and develop plans for ecologically significant urban open space.

Summer Academy: Explore Design will showcase the inventive thinking and emerging talent of this year's Summer Academy students. Come visit.