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Lecture Series Fall 2020

Andrea Love
Performing Beautifully: Fusion of Design and Performance
August 18

Kia Weatherspoon
Design Without Labels - Design EquityTM Strategies for All People
September 23

Juan Miro
Childs Memorial Lecture
Building A New Arcadia: Reflecting On 20 Years of Work
October 7

Katherine Williams
Harnessing the Vortex: Maximizing a Career in Architecture
October 28

Saúl Alcántara
Mexico-Tenochtitlan: A Lacustrine Landscape between History and Innovation
November 4

Jay Cephas
Authentically You: Histories of Navigating Race and Identity in Data Landscapes
November 11


Lecture Series Fall 2020: Katherine Williams

Harnessing the Vortex: maximizing a career in architecture

George Mason University Point of View Center

Bushman Dreyfus Architects

For almost 20 years, Katherine Williams has practiced in, around, and through the architecture profession. She likes to say she has been at all three legs of the stool: traditional practice, real estate development, and construction. However, she also writes and publishes work about architecture and development. Last, Katherine also serves others in the profession through various volunteer work. This lecture will demonstrate how Katherine has taken the pivots and opportunistic moments that have come her way to maximize her career.

train passing a condo building
4800 Third Street by Keith Baker Photography

noma book cover
NOMA 2010 Magazine cover

About Katherine Williams

Katherine Williams has been practicing architecture for nearly two decades. She has held positions in all three of the major legs of the industry "stool"- traditional firm, real estate development, and construction. Katherine has also volunteered in numerous roles with a goal to improve the profession. Her career demonstrates that you can follow your interests, passion, and give back to others, even if you do not follow a linear path through the profession.