Forward Exhibition

Master of Landscape Architecture Final Thesis Review
  • 04/25/2015  to 05/06/2015

  • McCormick Gallery
    Boston Architectural College
    320 Newbury Street, Boston

    Monday to Friday
    8 am–10:30 pm

    Saturday to Sunday
    8 am–8 pm


  • Free and open to the public

  • Students, Exhibitions

Forward is an exhibition of student work and live activities of the Boston Architectural College community.

Forward is in the mindset of the designer. "Process" is a method of working in which one makes future design decisions based on the outcomes of previous works. The design process is always moving the designer forward with brief pauses to reflect on work completed. This reflection documents a timeline of thinking, rewinding back to the beginning. The work and activity in the gallery of the BAC is a manifestation of the idea of Forward—always seeking, making, questioning, and reflecting.