Mock Trial

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BAC Homecoming 2015
  • 10/10/2015

  • 2 PM  - 6 PM

  • Beehive
    Boston Architectural College
    951 Boylston Street, Boston


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  • Design Community, Alumni

This Mock Trial, titled Where Was Chicken Little When Daphne Diligent Needed Him? An Architect's Lament, is a personal injury case. The primary player is a licensed architect, Daphne Diligent, who provided professional services to her client, the City of Waterbridge, in connection with a school project. The scope of the project is subject to some debate, but it is fair to say that the primary purpose of this project was to investigate and renovate an existing slate roof that had shown some signs of leakage and was suspected of containing asbestos.

The plaintiff, Regina Hurts, is a custodian at the Waterbridge School. She claims that on December 23, 2012, she suffered personal injuries when snow fell off of the roof and hit her. The primary issue in this case boils down to whether Daphne Diligent was responsible for the plaintiff's injuries as a result of the alleged "failure" to call for snow guards in the area of the roof where the plaintiff was injured. There will be five witnesses: the plaintiff, the plaintiff's expert, the defendant, the defendant's expert, and the school maintenance chief. 

Under Massachusetts law, expert testimony is required. Perhaps not surprisingly, the plaintiff's expert will express the position that the defendant was negligent, while the defendant's expert will express an opposite view—that the defendant was not negligent.

The jury, which in this case is the audience, will be called upon to decide two questions: Was Daphne Diligent negligent and, if so, did this negligence cause the plaintiff's injuries? These would be the same questions that a real life jury would be required to decide.

This is a cast of characters you won't want to miss!

The Legal Team

  • Eric Howard and Ken Walton, principals at Boston law firm Donovan Hatem
  • Hon. John M. Xifaras, retired Associate Justice on the Massachusetts Superior Court

Past and Present BAC Staff and Alumni

  • Don Brown
  • Glen LeRoy
  • Len Charney
  • Don Hunsicker
  • Beth Lundell Garver
  • Sara Bourque