By NuVu Studio, Hortense Gerardo, and Heidi Latsky Dance

  • 12/03/2018

  • 6 PM 

  • McCormick Gallery

    Boston Architectural College

    320 Newbury Street, Boston

  • communications@the-bac.edu

  • Free and open to the public

  • Special Events

Rosa Weinberg of NuVu Studio and Hortense Gerardo are working together with Heidi Latsky Dance to bring ON DISPLAY GLOBAL to Boston on Monday, December 3, 2018, at 6 pm, for International Day of Persons with Disabilities. This performance, taking place at the McCormick Gallery at The Boston Architectural College at 320 Newbury Street, will include members of Boston's disability, dance, and fashion worlds, and be one of 30 performances taking place internationally.

ON DISPLAY by Heidi Latsky Dance, a deconstructed art exhibit/fashion show, raises questions about the body as spectacle and society's obsession with body image. It transforms a cast of diverse and extreme bodies, some with disabilities, into a ‘sculpture court' where the performers become living art. ON DISPLAY began as a simple human sculpture court and is now a movement, a growing portfolio of works that explores and demonstrates inclusion through art.

Heidi Latksy Dance is an award-winning NYC-based physically integrated dance company. The company's ON DISPLAY installation has been performed at The Whitney Museum of Art, The United Nations and Lincoln Center Outdoors.

Audience experience: ON DISPLAY allows performers and the public to fully witness each other, elevating and celebrating the act of looking within a clear context. When visitors come into the exhibit, they feel like they are walking into a permanent installation; there is no beginning, middle or end. And like a sculpture court, there is an invitation to explore, to get up close with one sculpture, to back away and take in the entire installation. For audience members and performers alike, ON DISPLAY provides a safe place to stare.

Short film about ON DISPLAY: https://goo.gl/ZPgiab

Heidi Latsky Dance: www.heidilatskydance.com/
NuVu Studio: https://cambridge.nuvustudio.com/
Hortense Gerardo https://www.hortensegerardo.com