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Re@BAC: A Maker Showcase

Research // React // Reiterate // Resolve // Represent

  • 02/13/2017  to 04/20/2017

  • McCormick Gallery
    Boston Architectural College
    320 Newbury Street, Boston


    We would like to thank Autodesk for their generous sponsorship of this event


  • Free and open to the public

  • Exhibitions

Welcome to a student showcase in a state of constant iteration—a celebration of making, manifest through material. Here, the prefix ‘Re' serves as a reflection on creative thought and a means to unpack the design process. This exhibit is intended to be highly participatory; an open call and workshop series build the show. Join us for a workshop, include your own work, and participate in a growing conversation on material matters.


At the midpoint and culmination of the workshop series, the showcase team will hold town hall conversations centered around the state of making at the College.

3/3   50% show town hall
4/14   100% show town hall

Workshop Series

Organized using the prefix 're,' five student led workshops will invite our community to maker sessions that tackle issues of craft and unpack the design process. Paired with an open call for student work, the products of these workshops will feed the exhibit itself.


reAct_Let's Spoon!

02/04/17 9 am–6 pm

In this session, students will be introduced to a concept-to-production workflow and new making tools that led to the crafting of hand held objects. To kick off the day, each student will be assigned a ‘attitude' to translate into a design iteration. Students will be given safety training for both digital fabrication and hand-crafting processes as an introduction to the CNC Lab and BAC Shop. We will sketch and iterate their designs, translate digitally to a CNC cut file, then refine the spoons with shop equipment and hand sanding. The goal of this workshop is to make a beautiful object and arm participants with the knowledge and confidence to continue their careers as makers.

Staff : David Morgan, Christian Borger, Sean Riley, and Kyle Sturgeon
Material: basswood
Tools: rhino, cnc, woodshop

reModel_model mashup

02/11/17 12–6 pm

The BAC AIAS and BAC Makers invite attendees to participate in a half day design charrette. Bring an old studio model from a previous semester and part ways with it. Your old studio model will become the inspiration and platform for others to design and build upon. You will be collaborating with a team—analyzing, evaluating, redefining and executing bold design moves. The charrette will conclude with design presentations and peer critiques.

Staff : Daniel Clarke
Material: old models, scap materials
Tools: model making tools

represent_time capsule collage

02/18/17 9 am–6 pm

In this one-day intensive session, attendees will be introduced to the techniques, materials, and mindset of collage. To start off the day, each participant will receive a quick introduction to collage precedents and methods of creating. The workshop will pull together visual material from 16 historical civilizations to create small 9" x 9" capsules of history. The workshop aims to reawaken old ways of creating, with a focus on the analog process. Students will learn about themselves and reactivate their relationship between their hands and their mind.

Staff : Craig Bender, David Morgan, Christian Borger, Daniel Clarke
Material: printed images/maps
Tools: olfa, glue, possible photoshop

resolve_LIT lamp-making

03/25/17 9 am–6 pm

In this one-day session, attendees will be introduced to concept to production workflow with a laser cutter. With light as our subject, participants will discover the influence it has on small scale objects and spaces. Attendees will choose 3 random verbs to create sketch models focusing on material, light, and space that respond to the prompts. A single iteration will be chosen to resolve. Using digital modeling tools, attendees will create templates and laser cut them for construction. The goals of this workshop are to understand and hone an analog to digital workflow and to explore material and light while making a beautiful object!

Staff: Christian Borger, David Morgan, Craig Bender, Daniel Clarke
Material: paper
Tools: rhino, laser cutter, light source


04/01/17 9 am–6 pm

This workshop teaches participants the process of designing and constructing an inflatable. As a team, we will rapidly design and deploy site-specific inflatable installation in the BAC gallery.

Staff: David Morgan, Christian Borger, Craig Bender, Daniel Clarke
Material: plastic, duct tape, fan
Tools: olfa, projector