BAC Integrates Applied Learning Within the Bachelor of Design Studies Curriculum

Traditional four-year degree infused with real world experience through New Practicum Program

Students tour a building site

The Boston Architectural College (BAC)'s School of Design Studies announced the launch of the Practicum Program, an applied learning experience within the Bachelor of Design Studies (BDS) curriculum. The Bachelor of Design Studies, a traditional four-year degree program at the BAC, offers students the opportunity to gain credit for learning beyond the classroom.

The Design Studies Practicum allows students connect their studies to applications in the workplace by working side-by-side with practicing professionals. Students gain an understanding of today's workplace and the skills necessary to be successful in it.

The Practicum Program further exemplifies the BAC's commitment to experiential learning and its rich history of building connections with design organizations and businesses throughout Boston. Students propose an internship or project through which they will develop skills, engage in hands-on learning, and evaluate potential careers. Employers leverage students' skills to achieve organizational goals.

In its early stages, the program has already seen positive results. Kerry Moser, a Bachelor of Design Studies student focusing on Digital Design and Visualization, gained experience through the BAC's partnership with Commodore Builders. "Commodore Builders has a sincere interest in developing a solid relationship with the BAC and the students," said Kerry. "In the time I was there, I was able to experience using the Building Information Modeling platform software and the very detailed process of project development for large scale commercial buildings. There is a real advantage to working with these tools within a professional capacity."

Other practicums have included sustainable design consult experiences, design for the Museum of Russian Icons, restoration work for the Woodward School for Girls, and more. Students in the BDS program must complete a minimum of two practicums as part of the curriculum. Employers interested in partnering with the BAC's School of Design Studies can contact Don Hunsicker, dean, School of Design Studies, at