BAC Alumnus’ Design/Build Project Featured in Maine Home + Design

Christopher Grotton, M.Arch ’11, receives praise for his work in hometown of Camden, Maine.

Christopher Grotton in his Hometown of Camden, Maine

Christopher Grotton with his dog, Sadie, in his hometown of Camden, Maine

Christopher Grotton, M.Arch '11, is busy making waves as an Architectural Designer for Phi Home Designs in his home state of Maine. His work as lead designer on a contemporary farmhouse design/build project is turning heads, recently featured in Maine Home + Design.

The project, known as "Happy House", was a collaborative effort to design and build a home for a growing family in Camden, Maine. As a parent himself, Christopher took lead on the design. The finished home features a bright and lively open floor plan infused with vibrant shades of blue throughout each room. Unique touches include a playroom loft that can be transformed into an intimate den when the children grow older as well as a staircase designed to be safe for crawling babies. The beautiful photos of the new home speak for themselves - view them on Maine Home + Design.

Christopher has worked for Phi Home Designs, a design/build firm in Rockport, Maine, since 2012.

"I'm very fortunate to work for a company like Phi Home Designs. Under one roof Phi has design, general contracting and custom furniture," said Christopher. "My direct connection to first-hand construction knowledge, allows me to understand the realities and feasibility of my design decisions early on in the process. I also have a great opportunity for design diversity; on any given day my design work can jump from commercial to residential to the design of a custom piece of furniture."

Christopher was one of the first graduates of the Online Master of Architecture program at The Boston Architectural College. The distance program offered him the education he needed at the right point in his life. He credits his success in part to the BAC's balanced curriculum of academic education and professional practice.

"The BAC helped me to stay creatively grounded. One of the most valuable benefits of the BAC's education is the duality of academic education and professional practice," Christopher explained. "At the end of the day, success in architecture is based on a healthy balance between fantasy and reality."

Christopher plans to continue to advance his career in the architecture field. He hopes that his own design philosophy will help shape the architectural thinking of the future.