Practice Networks Connects BAC Students to Design Firms

The Boston Architectural College (BAC) recently held their annual Practice Networks, a day-long networking event that connects students with some of Boston’s best architecture and design firms.

Seventy-five BAC students signed up for 20-minute one-on-one meetings with design firm representatives to discuss career opportunities, engage in preliminary interviews, receive feedback on their portfolio, and network.

“I really appreciated how thorough the BAC was in preparing us (students) on what to expect and what to bring to our interviews,” said Sarah Woodward, student, Bachelor of Architecture. “I was looking forward to networking with people in the design world, and experiencing an interview with a design firm. The firm representatives had great feedback and advice on how to move forward in my pursuit of a design career. Some were BAC alumni, so it was very nice to see the successes firsthand of those who have graduated from the BAC. Practice Networks was very rewarding to me in my growth as a future designer.”

“Practice Networks was a great opportunity for me and I really thank the Practice department for organizing it,” said Cyrille Futcha, student, Master of Architecture. “My prior work experience helped a lot, as well as the preparation and research I did prior to the event. Practice Networks helped me develop important contacts with high-end firms and I am now keeping in touch with them. I hope the Practice Department continues putting together Practice Networks each year because it is an important event.”

The firms in attendance were impressed with what they saw at Practice Networks.

“We were, in particular, intrigued by the diverse experiences, skills, and interests of the students we met,” said Imran Khan, principal at HDR, Inc. “This undoubtedly is a testament to the high quality education and environment the BAC offers to attract talented and dedicated students.”

Erin Mitchell, senior associate at Ellenzweig, echoed that sentiment, saying, “It was fantastic to have exposure to BAC students and see the diverse body of work! I would say that most students were very well-prepared, both with materials and in terms of the message they wanted to share. An excellent event, overall!”

Practice Networks is part of the BAC’s education model which connects students with design firms for networking, and job and internship opportunities, so they are developing their professional careers before they graduate. The BAC’s Practice Department, which puts on Practice Networks, works with students year-round to find jobs and internships, assists students in career knowledge, including interview and portfolio prep, cover letter and resume writing, professional development, and salary negotiations.