Christopher Polaski

Christopher Polaski CEO/Designer sitting in the Polaski Chair at Bourgeois Boheme Showroom, Los Angeles

Christopher Polaski CEO/Designer sitting in the Polaski Chair at Bourgeois Boheme Showroom, Los Angeles

Christopher Polaski Designs

The Polaski Chair is a summation of Christopher's years of experience as an engineer, architect, designer, and craftsman. Christopher's life pivots on art, his talent is in tweaking form to what he considers to be exceptional design, and he feels fortunate to have the opportunity to bring his ideas to fruition through his firm. All of the exceptional pieces of art developed by CPD take their shape as a result of Christopher. The concepts, renderings, dimensions, finishes, materials, prototyping, testing, and production are all masterfully executed due to Christopher's expertise.

Christopher is a third generation engineer and designer who was raised in Connecticut and spent eleven years in Boston prior to coming to Laguna Beach, CA. Ten of those years were invested at the Boston Architectural College, where he worked with architectural design firms during the day and attended school in the evenings; he graduated with a Professional Bachelors of Architecture degree, and received the academic honor of "commends." Throughout his professional architectural career, Christopher has gained valuable knowledge while working alongside some of the greatest architects in the world, at firms such as Moshe Safdie, Perkins + Will, and Anshen + Allen. He has developed his abilities around the fundamental belief that every design has a story, and the process and perspective of the artist is an important part of the context of the creation.

Christopher enjoys stretching his abilities and keeping his design perspective fresh by entering local as well as internationally prestigious design competitions. He has submitted in such competitions as Peabody's "A Place to Sit," in which he was awarded one of the top fifty designs out of over 150 international submissions. Other competitions, such as the eVolo Skyscraper Competition, and Pamphlet Architecture Competition are entered often as well.

Christopher's entry for the SHIFTboston 2009 Idea Competition was chosen for exhibition at The Gallery at Mt. Ida College, Newton, MA, November 4th, 2010. Selected from over 140 submissions, his project was chosen because it addressed both innovation and fun- the theme of the exhibition. Additionally, Christopher's design work was also published in the upcoming book, Drafting and Design for Architecture and Construction, 9th Edition, which will be available for purchase January, 2012.