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John Boehs

John H. Boehs Jr. is an instructor in the School of Design Studies at The Boston Architectural College More

Lisa Bonneville

Lisa Bonneville is a Trustee Emerita at The Boston Architectural College. More

Nancy E. Boone

Nancy E. Boone is the Federal Preservation Officer at the US Department of Housing and Urban Development. She has served as Deputy State Historic Preservation Officer and State Architectural Historian with the Vermont Division for Historic Preservation. Over 30 years of professional preservation practice, she has administered the state's National Register, Grants, Tax Credit, Environmental Review, and Technical Assistance programs. She holds a Master's degree in Historic Preservation from Columbia University. She has taught in the University of Vermont's Historic Preservation Program. Nancy has a special interest in sustainability and the challenges of improving energy efficiency in historic buildings. She managed a groundbreaking study of energy conservation for historic windows and authored Vermont's current guidance on energy improvements for historic buildings. More

Sara Bourque

Sara Bourque is an instructor on the School of Landscape Architecture at The Boston Architectural College More

Susan Brisk

Susan has been working in the design field for the past 43 years. She worked in the restaurant design industry for 21 years, and since 1987 she has worked as a kitchen and bath designer. Her goal has always been to combine good, functional space planning with a clear understanding of creating an environment that is not just pleasing to the eye, but creates the best possible living space for her clients. Susan has been teaching at the BAC since 2000. She enjoys teaching the Kitchen & Bath Studio I class because it gives her the opportunity to introduce students to the many hats a designer in this field wears. She also teaches the Material & Estimating Course, where the class takes an in-depth look at cabinets, appliances, fixtures, and fittings, as well as all the latest and greatest in finishes and furnishings. More