Color and Form: True Collaboration

Spring 2014 Student Lecture Series: Jeanne Kopacz

Color and Form: True Collaboration

© Boston Architectural College; Video by: Matt Gelineau

Abstract: If what we see is color, then what we feel is form. Design is the combination of the two. In Color and Form: True Collaboration, Jeanne Kopacz explores what makes some color-form mergers more successful in the world of three-dimensional design. In the process we consider some highly effective architectural concepts and discuss how to capitalize on this knowledge in our own work.

Jeanne Kopacz, IIDA, ASID, LEED AP is a commercial interior designer, author, speaker, and educator based in Massachusetts, where she serves as managing principal of Allegro Interior Architecture. She is most known for her strength in strategic planning, and her expertise in color and form integration. Her thirty-year experience has included leadership positions with Bryer Architects, LLP and Cubellis Associates, Inc.

Jeanne speaks at nationally and internationally recognized industry events, including Design Trends (Calgary, Canada), NEOCON (Chicago, IL), IIDEX Neocon (Toronto, Ontario), Interior Design Boston (Boston, MA) and NeoconEast (Baltimore, MD). Her book, Color in Three-Dimensional Design, received a Professional & Scholarly Publishing Award in 2004. Her international collaboration, Colour Design: Theories and Applications, is currently being printed. She has held an adjunct faculty position with New England School of Art & Design, Suffolk University since 1994, and taught at Rhode Island School of Design in 2005 and Mount Ida College in 2010.