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    Approved Electives

    Elective courses offered may vary each semester. Please contact your advisor for any updates or if you have any questions.

    Academic advisors are available to meet with students for a variety of reasons, including but not limited to:

    Course Sequencing: Academic Advisors will meet with students each semester to assist in selecting courses for the upcoming semester.

    Educational Plans: As students progress through the BAC it becomes increasingly more important to not just plan for the next semester but to plan the best path through to graduation. As students reach this point their Academic Advisors will show them different options and help select a path that works best for each student. These plans can be modified as necessary.

    Time Management: Often time students will find that the schedule of design school is very different from what they have previously experienced. Academic Advisors are available to meet with students to assist in a variety of ways including: tools to balance work and school, learning more efficient study habits, individual time management planning sessions, and group workshops.

    Concerns about Academics: Students should come to their Academic Advisor with any concerns that they may have about their courses. The Academic Advisors can help students learn how to best navigate their concerns and give appropriate contacts for any additional support services that can be utilized.

    Curriculum Guidance: There are many aspects of the BAC curriculum that students will learn about and may need help to fully understand. Academic Advisors can help students in regards to the Portfolio Reviews, Thesis, Degree Project, and Progress Review processes.

    Practice-Related Advising: Practice advising is handled primarily by the Practice Department, and students can meet with Practice Staff directly. However, Academic Services can be a resource to students for general Practice assistance. For help with resumes, cover letters, assembling a portfolio, or interview skills students can contact the LRC. If students have general questions about starting a job search, learning about what related jobs may earn practice credits, or need information about the sequence of Practice-related milestones in the curriculum their Academic Advisor will be able to assist them.

    Academic Warnings: Instructors in any class may, at any time, submit an Academic Warning for students who are not performing up to expectations. The instructor may recommend specific steps to be taken, such as a referral to the Learning Resource Center, as part of this submission. A copy of the warning is kept in the student's Advising Services file, and the original is mailed directly to the student. Students who receive warnings are urged to meet with their Academic Advisor to assist in successfully completing the course.

    Academic Probation: Students in all degree programs are required to make satisfactory progress toward their degree. If a student's grade point average fall below the program minimum required, the student will be placed on academic probation and be required to sign a probation contact, also known as a Contract for Educational Progress (CEP). Students on Academic Probation will meet with their Academic Advisor to fill out the CEP and have additional meetings during the semester.

    Referral Assistance for Outside Services: The BAC does not provide on-site mental health counseling (i.e. for stress, depression, addiction, etc.) or testing services for learning disabilities. However, the BAC is partnered with AllOne Health Resources to provide the Talk One2One Student Assistance Program (SAP). The SAP can provide counseling and make referrals to local organizations that can be of assistance in these areas. The staff in Advising Services can also assist students in contacting the SAP or providing referrals. Please contact the Director of Advising Services at 617.585.0274 for further assistance.

    Disability Services: The BAC complies with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 by providing reasonable accommodations to students with documented disabilities. The BAC is committed to providing reasonable accommodations to students with disabilities based on their unique needs. To fulfill this mission, the Director of Advising and Disability Services (DS Coordinator) works with students who have documented disabilities to ensure equal educational access.

    Accommodations/services can only be activated at the BAC once a student self-discloses their disability to the DS Coordinator. Any student seeking accommodations should contact the DS Coordinator directly to discuss eligibility criteria, responsibilities and documentation requirements. Students may do so at any time during their academic career at the BAC, however it is recommended to connect with the DS Coordinator as early as possible upon admission. Students must make arrangements for accommodations at the start of every new semester. All information and documentation related to a disability is confidential and is not released without the student's written consent.

    Director of Advising and Disability Services Karen Stephanides can be reached at or 617.585.0274.

    General Questions: Academic Advisors are available to assist students with any general questions they may have about the BAC or their programs of study. If students have a question and they aren't sure who to ask, they should start with their Academic Advisor and s/he will direct them to the appropriate office.

    All students are assigned an Academic Advisor when they enter the BAC. Students will receive this information during New Student Orientation or they can contact Academic Advising if they have any questions. Students are allowed to change their Academic Advisors when necessary, but must do so by contacting Academic Advising.

    Academic Advisors are available by appointment and during specific drop-in times throughout the year. Appointments can be made Monday through Thursday between the hours of 9 am and 7 pm. To schedule an appointment, you can go in person to the office, call the general Academic Advising line at 617.585.0160, or email

    Important: Appointments must be scheduled at least three days in advance and, if necessary, must be canceled 24 hours in advance.